CBN Oil - 1000mg

CBN Oil - 1000mg

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Plain Jane’s iconic CBN Oil has gained quite the reputation for its quick-acting sleep-supporting properties. Our hemp-derived CBN oils are flavorless and odorless, ensuring ease of consumption. In addition, when consumed or sublingual, CBN acts on various endocannabinoid cell receptors (TRPA-1, TRPV-2, TRPV-3, and TRPV-4), inducing a state of deep soothing relaxation that ease the mind and body. For this reason, Plain Jane CBN oils are a must-have for those seeking to stay asleep longer or regulate their sleep cycle. 


Product Specs

  • 1 oz of 1000 mg CBN oil: 1 drop of oil will contain approximately 1.6 mg of CBN.


Plain Jane oils are potent and long-lasting! New users can start by taking one to two drops of CBN once a day, just before bedtime. Then, gradually, increase the number of drops can increase over time and titrate to effect. 


To consume Plain Jane’s CBN tincture, simply place one to two drops of CBN oil either directly on the tongue or under the tongue. Plain Jane CBN oils have a high bioavailability where the onset of effects can begin within 5 to 10 minutes after consumption.

What is CBN Oil?

CBN, also known as cannabinol, is a phytocannabinoid produced by a maturing hemp plant. As the hemp plant ages, CBGA undergoes chemical and enzymatic reactions resulting in the formation of THCA. When THCA is exposed to ultraviolet light, it undergoes further natural biochemical, resulting in CBN formation.


Yes, CBN oil and tinctures are legal in the USA. According to the 2018 Farm Bil, hemp plants and their derivatives, i.e., tinctures and CBD flowers, are federally legally so as long as they contain THC levels below 0.3%. Plain Jane's CBN tinctures will not have any delta-9 THC and thus comply with federal regulations.

Does CBN Get You High?

Although THCA is a precursor for both THC and CBN, it will not elicit the psychoactive euphoric effects commonly associated with recreational cannabis use. That being said, CBN tinctures can induce a deep sense of calm and relaxation. Hence, do not consume CBN while operating a vehicle or heavy machinery.